A Musical Enigma

Fytch is a musical enigma, seamlessly melding the worlds of guitar strings and data-bits to create a soundscape that is simultaneously of this earth and otherworldly.  Undefined by any one genre, Fytch’s atmospheric sound pushes the boundaries of both rock and electronic music, delivering a haunting vocal over the perfect symphonic chaos he orchestrates.   Incorporating techniques of both classical music and digital production,  Fytch’s sound is constantly evolving to create music that makes people feel.

At 15, Stephane had his first official release on Strictly Rhythm (BMG) with “Raindrops” (featuring Carmen Forbes).  He has spent the last 7 years honing his skills as a producer and composer. In 2016, working with Dutch label Heroic Recordings, Fytch released “Sirens Over Paris”, his first foray into vocalizing his own compositions.  By teaching himself to sing, Fytch has continued his musical evolution, releasing tracks such as “Toxin” (a forceful guitar-driven banger with Rezz), “Saltwater”, “Gravity”, “Promise” and “Altitude” (a soaring collaboration with Dabin).

Currently on tour with REZZ and DROELOE (and with a collaboration set for the end of November 2018), Fytch continues to develop his hypnotic style that grabs you by the feelings and doesn’t let go.